Sons of the Forest. T. Commuck, Manager.

One-hundred sixty-eight years ago today, there was a concert.
An “Indian Concert of Vocal Sacred Music” with “A brief History . . . before singing.”
So we see that I’m not the first to present combined musical and historical-interpretive presentations about Brothertown singing heritage.
Consider the “Sons of the Forest”–early edutainment–concertizing with history lecture, T. Commuck listed as Manager, surely Thomas Commuck (Narragansett/Brothertown), six years after the publication of his tunebook Indian Melodies.
This newspaper clipping is rich. So rich.
I leave it to speak for itself. Directly, ironically, proudly, leaning into tropes while also defying them. Maybe more. I don’t believe I get all the nuance here. Rich. Well done. 🙂

Sons of the Forest cncert advert 1851 Milwaukee copy.jpg


Author: whiteravenarchivesproject

musician, independent scholar, shape note singer, Brothertown Indian Nation cultural researcher and ally

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